Monday, June 27, 2011


Who We Are:
Renmatix is the bridge to renewable materials. We are the next step in the evolution of cellulosic sugars.
We have developed game changing technology that enables wide scale transition from fossil fuel based products to biomass based chemicals and fuels. Renmatix’s proprietary Plantrose™ Process utilizes rapid reactions to break down non-food biomass quickly, using no significant consumables. The resulting Plantro™ sugars serve as the affordable intermediaries that our industry-leading partners require to develop tomorrow’s clean alternatives to today’s conventional fossil fuel based products. opportunity
Who We Are Looking For:
  •  Intern (3-4 months)
As an intern, you will be part of a R&D team dedicated to renewing the future through a shared passion for scientific discovery.  The project will be study hydrothermal conversion of biomass to sugars.  The hire will report to Research Scientist.
  • Conducting experiments on a bench and P100 scales.
  • Collecting and interpreting data.
  • Maintaining safe and clean environment.
  • Other minor responsibilities may be assigned depending on the work load.
Key Competencies Needed:
  • Preferences will be given to MS or PhD students.
  • Knowledge of batch and continuous reactor operations.
  • Knowledge of biomass chemistry. Chemical processing of biomass.
  • This is labor intensive hands on project that may require moving on occasions weighs of 50 lbs. or less.
  • Strong safety mindset
  • Flexible and able to work efficiently and productively in a start-up company environment
Job Location:
  • Kennesaw, GA
Position Type:
  • Project time will be limited to 4 months
  • Full-time/Salaried
Please feel free to mail your resume to Dr. Dmitry Kazachkin (

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thanks to Our WIE Camp Volunteers

I just wanted to give a special thanks to our 4 student panel question volunteers for today's Women in Engineering sponsered camp.

Thanks to:

McKenzie Smith
Samantha Koncal
Danielle Murry
Grace Belancik

These ladies did an excellent job answering a barrage of questions coming from several female high school students interested in engineering and the college experience.

If any students are interested in volunteering for these or any type of info sessions/camps  please feel free to ask more info through the blog or contact Mr James Hardin @
Thanks to our WIE camp volunteers

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FALL 2011 Degree Petitions Due Today

The title says it all!  I just wanted to throw a reminder out there in case we had any stragglers that forgot about turning in their petitions.  Please spread the word if you know anybody planning on graduating and make sure they've got their paperwork in!!!!

For those of you out of town,  if you turned in your petition I've got you taken care of,  have a great summer and early congratulations for all!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer 2011 Dates

I thought I would throw up a couple of important dates that all students should be aware of:
Important Upcoming Dates:  (Registrar’s Calendar)

June 15th              Last day for degree petitions to be received by the registrar

June 17th              Deadline to change grade mode from Pass/fail to letter or
                             vice versa  (See Here)
                             Last day to drop an individual course with a “W”
                             Last day to apply for grade substitution

July 3rd                  Last day to withdraw completely from Tech “W” in all courses

July 4th                  Holiday  (WOOT!)

August 1st-5th      Finals

August 6th            End of term

August 13-26th    Phase II registration for Fall semester!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DegreeWorks, Awesomeness, Guaranteed

In the ever changing world of technology, Universities constantly strive to find new ways of delivering information both efficiently and effectively to students.Various things such as email, blogs, texts, tweets, and facebook messages have been used to try and give students alternative ways of finding info in a format they can rely on and identify with.  (this awesome blog for example)

Enter DegreeWorks

This fantastic tool is something to be utilized by all students regardless of major.  Basically what it does is allow a Tech student to log in using their Tech ID and password. The program itself then generates a report showing all of the classes you have been given credit for here at Tech, and where they will apply toward your degree!

ProTip:  Always hit the process new button at the top. It will give you the latest up to date report.

Want to know how your classes would apply toward the biotech option or a degree in Management?  Run a "what-if" report located on the left side of the screen!

ProTip 2:  If you want degree works to pull the correct info for your biotech option all of the time, you must log into OSCAR and change your program of study to Biotech.

The university now uses this same tool to evaluate your eligibility when you graduate, so it is something to definitely become familiar with and can answer a lot of questions.

As always feel free to ask any questions, or give suggestions for future topics!

We've Got to Start Somewhere Right??

Hey ChBE!!  It's become apparent over the last year that you as students want different ways to receive important info other than the good 'ole tried and true email.

After discussing several options and polling our students, we decided to start this blog to give you an alternative source for the delivery of information.

We'll be sharing all types of things from internship and full time position notices, to scholarship and FE/EIT exam questions.  We'll put up articles pertaining on how to look for research.  Want to know the best way to find an internship or co-op?  Look for the article here!

If there's something else you would like to see included on the blog, don't hesitate to let us know!

We look forward to bringing you guys/gals as much useful information as we can in the weeks/years to come, and hope this becomes a useful tool for everyone to utilize and take advantage of.

Go Jackets!!