Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Attention: Graduating Seniors in Fall 2013

If you anticipate completing your program of study in FALL 2013, you must complete the Online Application for Graduation this semester.  There are a few steps you should take BEFORE:
  • Confirm that your major, minor and any concentration is listed correctly in your records.  If anything is inaccurate, it must be fixed BEFORE you complete the application. 
  •  If you are pursuing the Biotechnology concentration, make sure it is listed in your records!  If not, you must add it to your record—see link:
  • In addition to the Online Application for Graduation, students with a minor must also submit an "Approved Program of Study for Undergraduate Minors" form that is signed by your major and minor advisor. These forms and the requirements for a minor are located
 The Online Application for FALL 2013 is open in OSCAR from Wednesday, May 22 to Saturday, June 15, 2013.  Please log in and complete the document during this window.  Questions?  Follow this link for detailed information: